A selection of door prices at a glance
Below are a few of the most popular style doors and sizes to give you an idea of how much a new door would cost you. We make our prices available as we have nothing to hide, we offer fair and honest pricing without gimmicks - no 55% off for one month only deals, no free gifts if you buy a more exspensive product, just our best price first time every time. The prices below are for up and over canopy style doors in white without frames, supplied, fitted with v.a.t. and disposal of old door. To mesure the size door you will need, go from inside frame to inside frame for width and under side of frame to ground for hieght.
7' x 6'6 Horizontal design £625.00
7'6 x 6'6 Horiontal design £740.00
7' x 6'6 georgian design £800.00
7'6 x 6'6 georgian design £930.00
 All above prices are for guidance and are subject to a no obligation free survey. Other sizes and styles are available as are the following extras. Retractable gear (suitable for electric operation add aprox ?120.00 Metal matching frame £120.00 brown, blue, green, red and black add £150.00 aditional locks ( from 2 to 4 ) £60.00 The above prices are for guide purpose, and our prices are usualy cheaper than all our competitors, so why not call for a price anytime