If you have read the introduction page you will know who we are, and if you want a good, old fashioned values and simple good value for money company, that's us.

We strive to be the best at what we do - garage doors and their associated repairs, and automation in Norfolk,- and we are very good at it!

We have been trading continuously  for nearly 30 years, we are based in Norwich, are  independent supplier, with  family only staff and a reputation for quality at great value.

We have been trained at both the Henderson and Garador factories and have over 75 years of combined garage door fitting and repairing experience and are not only recomended installers but are Garador warranty engineers as well.We are also trusted to carry out work for home improvement companies, letting agents, builders, developers, large and small as well as domestic home owners.


We could sell cheap products, as many companies do, but they go wrong and you will have the inconvenience of a broken door. The cost of fitting a cheap door is the same as a good door, so you do get what you pay for. We don't have a showroom, as they cost a great deal of money, or sales men pressure selling to you, we believe in keeping things simple!

 We could rush and do more work but that would lower our quality, and we believe value is not just the purchase price, but the whole cost of owning the product including after sales back up. All our work is garaunteed, includes VAT and we never try and "up sell" - the practice of turning cable replacement into cables, rollers, handle etc or a simple door replacement into a door, frame and automation unless it is needed - we just dont do it. If you want a genuine local family company, great service, quality products, ethical principals and unbeatable like for like prices call us on 01603 721610,or email us.at howlettgaragedoors@gmail.com