Whatever your problem, we will can fix it!!!!
We repair just about every type of garage door, no matter how old, and can turn an unusable door into a smooth and quiet door.

Some companies will just tell you you need a new door, but we pride ourselves on repairing as many doors as possible as soon as possible at a set price with no call out fee!. All our prices include vat parts and labour and come with a 12 month no quibble guarantee.

SMALL REPAIRS- If you have a minor repair or adjustment that requires no parts we have a minimum charge of £48 to cover time/diesel

RETENTION- This covers such problems as the cables have come off the rollers, the door has come out of the runners, the door doesn't lift or close easily, and costs from ?60.00

CABLES- If your door has cables that are frayed or broken, we can replace them from £100.00 depending on make (Henderson and Garador are £100.00, cardale and other makes £110.00)

REPLACEMENT SPRINGS- If your springs have broken we can either repair them or replace them, regardless of age and make and prices start from ?60.00


REPLACEMENT ROLLERS- If your rollers are flat or have fell off we can replace them for you and will service the door in the price. prices start from £60.00 fitted


HANDLES AND LOCKS- If you lock doesn't work, you have lost your keys or your handle has broke, we can replace them on all makes and models of door from ?60.00

FRAMES REPLACED- If your wooden garage door frame is rotten, then we can replace it with a fully treated wooden replacement and re fit your door making it work like new FROM ?350.00 for a single door.

ALMOST ALL PARTS FROM STOCK - When we come to look at your door we always try have the part needed on the van.

WE SELL PARTS- If you can repair the door and know the parts you want, then call us and ask for a price.

Just call us on 01603 721610, or email your details to howlettgaragedoors@gmail.com