The sectional doors from garador are quite simply outstanding, they set the standard for looks, ease of use strength and warmth.

What is a sectional door? - They consist of 4 horizontal, flat panels, that are immensely strong, and travel vertically up with no kick out. But unlike a roller door these doors need very little head room, come with 42mm thick insulation with the option of manual or electric operation.

The door features;

- Safety, all moving parts are covered as the door opens and closes, and the panel joints are shaped to push fingers away from getting trapped.
- 42mm thick foam filled insulated panels giving real insulation ( "insulated" roller doors actually have no more insulation than an up and over door )

- No kick out, with no kick out you can park your car up to the door inside and out.
- Peace of mind, the door is guaranteed for 10 YEARS from installation, and with secure by design rating it is the most secure electric door on the market.
- More space, the sectional door can be fitted with restricted side space and head room but still give you maximum clearance.
- Draught free, because all sectional doors fit behind the brickwork and seal to the frame and have a rubber weather seal on the bottom, sides and top so there is no wind penetration
- Option of electric operation, windows in top panel, linear small, medium, large and Georgian style panels in timber effect, wood grain, sand grain and silk grain finishes, and the choice of any ral colour.

So why settle for anything less, get a price today.