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Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Door
Roller Garage Door
Roller Garage Door
Roller Garage Door

Roller garage doors offer a compact and easy to use design suitable for most garages. We constantly search for the best doors available, we supply doors from Garador and Aluroll in a range of made to measure sizes and finishes. These doors offer draught proofing when closed, wider openings and greater security. They also travel vertically meaning you can park close to them both inside and out and still be able to open the door.

All our roller doors comes with 2 handsets, a wall controller, colour options and safety edge as standard.

We have working models at our unit, which can be viewed by appointment.

Motor changes

If your roller door will only open with assistance or from 1/2 way up, you may need a new tube motor. We offer a standard and premium model of replacement motor from £360.00 fitted inc VAT.

Depending on model and size of your door.
If you send us some photos / videos of your garage door, we can give you a quote for replacement.

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